Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm

Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm



A filling restores your tooth and protects it from further decay. Tooth decay is caused by an accumulation of plaque. If this plaque is not brushed away with regular cleaning, it will turn into tartar - an accumulation of bacteria. This will erode the tooth enamel, causing holes that make your teeth susceptible to tooth decay.

Mercury-free fillings

Mercury-free fillings are non-amalgam fillings that do not contain any traces of mercury. They are less invasive and are less likely to cause damage to healthy teeth tissue.

Tooth colored fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings mimic many of the qualities of natural tooth structure. They are safe, reliable, long-lasting and look aesthetic.

Inlays and onlays

These are restorations made from tough hard-wearing materials, used to repair rear teeth that are decayed or cracked and fractured.


A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. It becomes necessary when the decay from an untreated cavity has progressed to the inner chamber of the tooth and the pulp becomes infected with bacteria.

At Procure Dental, we have the right equipment and procedures that help us perform single sitting, multiple sitting and re-root canal treatments.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

The process comes with many benefits that include: you end multiple clinic visits; it is less painful, as well as less time-consuming. The good thing is that at Procure Dental, we can perform the root canal treatment for an individual tooth in a single sitting.

Multiple Sitting Root Canal Treatment

At times, the Root Canal procedure may require multiple appointments if the infection is severe in the case of a badly damaged tooth. The pain from an infected root canal generally subsides with the first appointment, as the infected root is cleaned and protected with a temporary filling. The entire procedure usually takes two or three appointments over two or three weeks.

Re-Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has a very high rate of success, but as with other medical or dental procedures, infection or inflammation may recur despite best efforts. In such situations, a re-root canal retreatment may be necessary and usually requires two visits.