Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm

Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm



Teeth whitening treatments can improve the shade of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. The results of a teeth whitening treatment will vary depending on the type of staining on the teeth.

At Procure Dental, we use teeth whitening treatments that have effective whitening solutions that are applied by our team of professionals.

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure asked for by the people. I can be done quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort wither at the dental office or home. The doctor will be able to determine which treatment or combination of treatments is the best for you after a thorough examination. We recommend you to consult your dentist if you have tooth-colored fillings, crowns or bonding in your front teeth, as it will not change the color of these materials, causing them to stand out in your newly whitened smile.


A great smile can significantly boost your confidence and how other people view you. The appearance of your teeth is an important part of your smile and the way you look overall.

Laser bleaching at our clinic begins with a thorough cleaning of your teeth, followed by an application of a special gel. A mouthpiece is then inserted and the gel is applied onto the surface of the teeth. This whitening gel will provide better results than teeth bleaching products. Laser Bleaching is safe, quick and has excellent outcomes.


In-office bleaching usually requires only one office visit. To protect your gums, we will apply either a protective gel to your gums or a rubber shield, after which the bleach is applied to the teeth.


At Procure Dental, we can provide you with a custom-made tray for at-home bleaching. We will give you instructions on how to carry out the procedure, like how to place the bleaching solution in the tray and for what length of time.