Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm

Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 9am - 8pm



We will only remove your tooth when there is no other option available. As professional dentists we will not extract a tooth if there is a way to save it. If a tooth extraction is required, it will only be performed if there is:

  • A tooth damaged from trauma
  • A tooth damaged from tooth decay
  • Infection/risk of infection

Mobile teeth

In case of a loose tooth due to bone loss surrounding the tooth, the tooth has to be compromised in the presence of local anesthesia.

Impacted teeth

In case of either a tooth not erupted (come out) or tooth that cannot erupt due to insufficient space or it is erupting in a wrong direction or position, they have to be compromised under local anesthesia. This is a minor surgery which is carried out by our oral surgeons.